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In the socio-political discussions, on the racial, confessional, national, ethnic, social themes of us all, official power in virtually all countries at the legislative level, starting with the United Nations makes us believe that everyone is equal, equal, that there is no better, worse, stronger, weaker , smarter, stupid, taller, lower.

This is a lie of enormous size. Whoever believes in this, perceives distortedly the objective reality. Moreover, this is unfair. It is unbecoming to belittle those who are worthy and to elevate those who are not worthy, only in order to fit all into the Procrustean bed.

Perhaps those who are at the source of this do it forcedly as, choosing between the big and small evil, because we have not yet developed civilizationally enough as a biological species in order to honestly see our and others, places and role in the world and in table of ranks.

The majority of us, even if we know the truth about ourselves, about our group, always prefer in the public space always in one way or another, who intelligently and cleverly, unintentionally, and where obsessively, clumsily and aggressively defiantly exalt themselves, their kind, their nation, their faith, their race and / or those closer and more related and at the same time belittle those who are further and more alien.

We are the first generation of humanity that openly learns to communicate in the global communication and information space, through social networks. Probably, the following generations will be more objective, impartial than we are. And then we will not have to centralize them with an idea on an official level, like us, that we are all supposed to be equal and equal.

For, by inheritance, not only the eye section, the structure of the auricles, but also the intellect, including behavioral characteristics, are transmitted. If we have long and professionally learned to select horses, dogs, cats and even plants, to bring out new specific varieties with special data and abilities. Accordingly, people are the same as the rest, and among them may actually be higher — lower, weaker — stronger, smarter — stupid.

And now we turn to Russia, to the Caucasus. There is such a region called Dagestan. For many of us, if you conduct a survey in a couple of dozen major cities of the Russian Federation, then most likely not less than 90% of the population in Russia will say that this is the place of residence of savage barbarians. And they will be partly right. Despite the chic, almost unique nature, the mountains, the virgin relict forest, the gentle Caspian Sea, only a few visit as tourists because of the formed image of Dagestan and the prevailing prejudices.

Many Russians believe that Dagestanis are all the same person and speak one Dagestani language. This is not true. Far from it. Dozens, sometimes hundreds of people are closely and simultaneously both intertwined and isolated from each other so as to preserve their distinct identity and not to lose competitiveness they seek to interact proactively with each other closely and interact.

For example, if you go to any institution of public catering, you can see that representatives of different native peoples sit at the table not together, but separately, segregated from each other.

They differ greatly in both language and mentality. For example, the Dargins are aggressive. Avars are undersized, numerous. But not all of them are savage barbarians. There are highly developed nations, with strong genetics. These are Lezgins. The oldest people, who for many centuries had their own statehood in the form of the Caucasian Albania, when other Caucasian ethnic groups were at the level of the primitive communal system. This led to the fact that the Lezgins, unlike the other Daghestanian peoples, are genetically an order of magnitude, more cultured, more advanced in terms of thinking, mentality. They immediately stand out even in the course of ordinary, philistine communication. Among the Lezgins is the relatively low level of those who go to extremists and terrorists. Lezgins are not such radical religious fanatics. As you know, the city of Derbent, the unofficial capital of the Lezgins, is the first hearth of civilization in Eurasia.

But within the Republic of Dagestan the Lezghian nation, for some reason on secondary roles. Always a palm tree, among representatives of less developed nations: Dargins, Avars. Lezghins are more civilized and intellectually developed than Azerbaijanis.

Why are they in this position? I’m not sure. Maybe it is profitable for Turkey and / or Azerbaijan, which influenced the Kremlin. Perhaps this is a strategic policy, since the times of the Russian Empire, and then the USSR, understating the clever Lezgins, pushing forward the less developed Dagestan peoples, so that ignorance, narrow-mindedness and obscurantism prevail and dominate progress and culture and civilization, so that eventually all Dagestanis from afar looked wild in the eyes of the rest of the Russians.

But as I see it, if the authorities in Dagestan choose between the Dagestan peoples, they prefer to give Lezgins, then they can improve this archaic and troubled region, make it civilized, which will lead to the fact that according to tourism level the western coast of the Caspian Sea will be compete no worse than the northern coast of the Black Sea.

Of course, I, as a Kazakh-Turku, according to idea and logic, need to elevate such Dagestanis as Nogais and Kumyks. But if I do so, then I lose the objective truthfulness of my thoughts and devalue my value as an expert on the Dagestan issue, showing political and ethnographic corruption, elevating and extolling them only because they are closer and blood relatives to me , than other Dagestanis.

If the Lezgins rule Dagestan, then in due course people both in the Russian Federation and in other CIS countries from the outside will cease to perceive this region as the habitat of wild barbarians.

Based on the above, from the state point of view, it will be far-sighted, perspective and correct for the Kremlin to consider the possibility of strengthening and elevating the Lezgins inside Dagestan in the state apparatus in relation to other Dagestan peoples, so that over time and in general this region becomes more progressive, highly cultured, civilized , a place of international tourism and successful in other industries and spheres.

© Taychibekoff Yermek 09 July 2018

the city of Verny, now called Almaty, founded by the Russian government in 1854, has always been the southern, reliable outpost of the Russian Empire in Central Asia.

*** Beginning in the 16th century, the first military settlements and fortresses started to be founded, founded by the Russian Empire and then by the Russian Empire. Russian Cossacks first built a fortress with a military garrison, then families were transported, followed by a nearby settlement. Cities: Uralsk was founded in 1520. Guriev (1645), Semipalatinsk (1718), Ust-Kamenogorsk (1720), Pavlodar (1720), Petropavlovsk (1752), Kokchetav (1824), Akmolinsk (1824), Kazalinsk (1848), Aktyubinsk (1868), Kustanai (1879) ) and other smaller urban settlements. In Central Asia, almost all factories, factories, mills, schools, hospitals, theaters, museums are built, explored by representatives of the Russian, European, white civilization


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